What is Mucus Discharge?

As basic information, mucus discharge in early pregnancy is not different with secretion of common vaginal or ejection which usually occurs before or while women having their monthly period. According to some studies, the mucus discharge is not always similar, since the form of it might be just like paste or sticky liquid. Cervical mucus secretion after menstruation period is more yellowish. It is better for you to remember that there is discharge increase of the cervical mucus if women get pregnant.

Based on the experts and obstetricians, discharge of cervical mucus is related to the conception and ovulation. Mucus discharge itself is considered as additional support indicator of the pregnancy. The mucus discharge in early pregnancy will increase along with the pregnancy stages. In some cases, the discharge can come with trace of blood. It is the side effect of the discharge process. For normal case, the mucus is translucent and also stretchy. You do not need to worry or panic, since the mucus discharge is natural occurrence. It occurs to helps your body preparation for the pregnancy process. It is even helping the body to deliver the unborn baby later with easier process. Even though mucus discharge in early pregnancy is not dangerous and harmful, you still need to be cautious. You just need to keep yourself aware of anything which can happen to your pregnancy.

When will mucus discharge occur?

Cervical mucus will be discharged from the cervix for about 3 to 4 days after the ovulation process. The appearance of the mucus is like white substance of egg. The cervical mucus is actually watery or skinny liquid on the ovulation day. However, it will grow thicker following the ovulation. If the mucus discharge has pinkish or brownish texture, it might be the indication of early pregnancy. The mucus will be discharged from cervix as the normal implantation of egg or if the fertilization occurs within the ovary.

If you experience mucus discharge in early pregnancy, it is highly recommended for you to contact your personal doctor to get the check up. You should know that the cervical mucus itself cannot be good indicator for pregnancy sign. When you find the cervical mucus after the ovulation, your doctor or gynecologist can give you the advice from real status of your pregnancy.

Your doctors can give you the best advice for your condition. If you are real pregnant, your doctors can help you to take care of your pregnancy. Not only your professional doctor, but you also need to cooperate with your husbands. Both of you can learn about the symptoms of mucus discharge in early pregnancy and find the best solution if there is any problem.