Vaginal Discharge Home Self Care Tips

Secretions from the vagina called vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge always exists in vagina. These women secretions are different in their consistency, color & appearance and smell. Discharge of vaginal fluid that fluctuates unexpectedly is lead to problem or infections. Level of estrogen hormone in body related to amount of secretions from cervical glands or vagina walls. Following are for variations find in women vaginal discharge.

Regularity: dense, thick, dense, heavy, pale, pasty, thin, runny, watery, dilute, wet, sticky.
Appearance & Colors: clear, pure, rich, transparent, cloudy, creamy, whitish, pinkish, bloody, yellowish, green, brownish etc.
Smell: normal, neutral, bad smell.

Vaginal yeast infection, Cervical or Vaginal cancer, Gonorrhea, Stress, Trichomoniasis, Pregnancy, Vaginitis and Bacterial vaginosis etc. are some of reasons for increasing quantity of normal and abnormal vaginal discharge. Here are some home self care tips and vaginal infection prevention tips to treat abnormal discharge of vagina or help you get rid of the foul smell.

  • Cleanse and dry your vagina area by washing smoothly with a gentle, mild soap and lukewarm water to guard from infections.
  • Clean and wash the vagina after urinating and sexual intercourse.
  • After washroom, clean your vagina from front to back to prevent from bacteria.
  • In case of yeast infection treats you by cream or vaginal suppository.
  • Use of feminine products or douche like hygiene sprays, bubble baths, scented soaps, fragrances, or powders in the cervix area lead to infection.
  • Use infectivity treatment creams.
  • To keep away from itchiness & irritation avoid wearing tight clothing shorts or pants.
  • Evade underwear of synthetic fibers like, silk or nylon because its stop air flow and wear cotton panties because it will protect you from soreness and sweating.
  • Sleep with no inner wears at night. Change your inner 2 times in the day.
  • During heavy white discharge, apply panty-liners all day to stop smell.
  • Apply pads, don’t use tampons.
  • Maintain level of blood sugar if you have diabetes.
  • During the periods, try to replace tampon every 4 hours.
  • To keep safe from scattering of sexually transmitted diseases apply condoms during intercourse.
  • Having curd will protect you to from infection.
  • Douching shouldnt been carried out.

While many females feel cleaner if they douche after menstruation or intercourse, in fact it may get worse vaginal secretion because it removes healthy bacteria lining the vagina that are there to protect you from infection. It can also escort to infection in the fallopian tubes and uterus.

These easiest home remedies for vaginal discharge, will support you to fight against irritating problem. After using these home remedies or self care tips, if the problems remain same then visit to your gynecologist. Your gynecologist will commonly recommend pelvic examination to check your vaginal secretion with microscope. When the main cause or problem will identified, the doctor may advise antibiotic creams or oral antibiotics according to kind of infection problem you have. If symptoms of cervical cancer will find then a biopsy will be an option.