Cervical Mucus Method

Define Cervical Mucus Method

Cervical mucus method is path, which used to follow best fertility cycle by women to get pregnant. Cervical mucus method related to fertility knowledge and family planning. There are disparities in cervical mucus methods. Method help women in observing and charting cervical mucus for pregnancy or non-pregnancy. Charting cervical fluid pattern has a great role in cervical mucus methods.

In these patterns, women evaluate and record their menstrual cycle days, the waterless & dull days, gluey days, gummy days, sticky days, cloudy & unclear days, wet & watery days, and slippery & dicey days. Women cervical fluid secretion may unusual in feel and appearance during stages. It may be rough, chewy, wet, or creamy. Visit this link to know about how to collect and check cervical mucus?  Following  are types of methods used by womens.

Billings Ovulation Method (BOM)

Billings Ovulation MethodBOM used by females to observe to know about their fertility or non-fertility during each menstrual cycle. This cervical mucus process information helpful for females to reach or elude pregnancy during consistent or inconsistent periods cycles, peri-menopause and breastfeeding.  John Billings developed this method with the purpose of Natural family planning and awareness in people about the importance of cervical mucus fertility. The hormones have great part in managing of women menstrual cycles and making of cervical mucus in cervix or vagina. It also changes the appearance & looks, superiority and amount of cervical fluid discharge just before and during ovulation.

Achieving Pregnancy: – Cervical mucus technique gives best information to women to know best fertility time to have intercourse. During these days cervical fluid in behavior & appearance is springy, stretchy, rich & pure with feeling of lubrication and great amount and quality.

Avoid Pregnancy: – Fertility awareness methods (FAMs) used by women to avoid getting pregnant. In this process females keep monitoring of their menstrual period cycles to avoid pregnancy and desist from insecure vaginal intercourse for the period of their highest productive stages. Cervical mucus procedures understand as the post-ovulatory phase of the cycle as starting three full days after the Peak of cervical fluid. This time of unproductiveness will last up to the 1 day of menstruation. All through this stage of the cycle, intercourse can happen any time at day or night.

Creighton Model Fertility Care System

The Creighton Model Fertility Care System also related to natural family planning, which helps to tracking and observing the productive periods during females menstrual cycle. Dr Thomas Hilgers developed Creighton Model.

The Two-Day Method

The 2 days method is a cervical fluid release method. Its for those Womens who are sure or not sure about their cervical mucus discharge.

Note:- This article only for information purpose not for professional advice.