Cervical Mucus Stages during Ovulation, Fertility and Pregnancy

What is Cervical Mucus?

The cervix is the sink, narrow part of the uterus where it attaches with the vagina. Cervical mucus is fluid that is discharge or produced by the womans vagina. It is also called cervix mucus, cervical fluid or cervical discharge. During the initial step of a womans monthly menstrual cycle most women noticed incomplete quantity of mucus. As the period cycle leads, It is increases in amount and converts in cloudy or sticky form.

During ovulation stage, it is very lavish and becomes clear, slippery and springs like egg white. This productive mucus on cervix gives easy direction of sperm through the cervix on the way to the fertilization of egg.  This kind of cervical mucus (CM) produced by the hormone known is estrogen. Mucus on cervix is a needed component  to conception due to its skill to preserve sperm active for up to five days (in productive feature liquid), defends it from the acidity in the vaginal part and passages the sperm to the fallopian pipe where conception done for pregnancy.

Ways to Increase Mucus for Pregnancy

Productive Cervical mucus is generated by cervix near the time of ovulation and it is tough, chewy, transparent or crystal clear, visible, plain like raw egg white. This stage shows that ovulation is about to start. Fertile and non-fertile cervical fluid find in vagina, which task is to save & protect the reproductive organs from viral infections, bacterial and parasitic. Monitoring and observing cervix fluid best method to charting your menstrual cycles.

Sperm won’t able to survive and reach to the fallopian tubes to make women pregnancy egg productive if women’s don’t have good amount of cervical mucus. Look of egg-white cervical mucus (EWCM) influenced by hormonal intensity. You will find variations in color & regularity in secretion of every woman. EWCM is clear or whitish in look and thin and stretchy in behavior. But what to do when your mucus is not thin & stretchy and non-productive or non-existent? In this article women will find natural ways to increase fertile cervical mucus production for getting pregnant and maximize the chances of conception.

Understand Types of Cervical Mucus for Fertility

To increase level of cervical fluid in female body, it is mandatory to understand types of cervical mucus because amount, quantity, quality, color, appearance and structure change all over your menstrual cycle. The existence of fertile mucus shows that your body is preparing for ovulation. Observing this kind of mucus is very necessary when trying to conceive.

  • Before Ovulation: Discharge is clear, white, cloudy, muggy, gluey, gummy, sultry and sticky.
  • During Ovulation: Stretchy, elastic, flexible, clear, like raw egg white.
  • After Ovulation: Dry, waterless, dull, White/Yellowish, sticky and cloudy.

Different types and looks

Increasing quantity of estrogen hormones change the look, color, appearance, lavishness, regularity and fertility quality of women cervical mucus. Below we have categories of cervical mucus patterns according to their fertile or non-fertile phases.


Waterless or Light Moistness – UNPRODUCTIVE

Women experience no cervix fluids or little amount after menstruation for a time of 3-5 days. If you test it in between your fingers, it will get dry instantly.


After Waterless or Light moisture stage, mucus on cervix converts sticky & Gummy for a dated of 2-3 days. When scrubbed between fingertips it looks slightly gummy and clear to white in color.


Creamy, Rich, Buttery, Yellow, Milky, Lotion Type PRODUCTIVE

These stage females feel mucus of cervix (cervical mucus) wet from 2-4 days. The consistency & color of cervical mucus could be lavish, thick, yellowish, creamy, thinner and lotion like. Generally vaginal feeling is wet.

Egg white Cervical Mucus VERY FERTILE

This phase mucus of cervix touches it most fertile stage for 1-5 days. The look of cervix mucus (cervical mucus) is raw egg white. In behavior, it is slippery and while pulled between the fingertips it expands 1-10 inches. The color can be shining; clear and vaginal feeling is enormously wet.

Dry, Soggy or Sticky INFERTILE

Cervix fluid flow will now convert extremely due to down level of estrogen and progesterone hormones following ovulation.  Mucus on cervix could be waterless, watery, and sticky and may the same stage as in end of women monthly cycle (day before menstrual period starts). Overall vaginal sensation is dry or waterless.

Fertility Tips

Intercourse, Medications (Antidepressant, Antihistamines, and antibiotics), Herbal remedies (vitamin C doses), Health Conditions (Yeast Infections. Breastfeeding) are factor who can change cervical mucus quality and quantity. Your diet has a great role in rich production of fertile cervical mucus.  If a woman has no fertile or very little fertile  mucus, diet plan can help women to improve it. Here are some tips will help in increase fertility.

  1. FertilAid Capsules, Evening Primrose Oil, FertileCM  is Dietary supplement that increases rich, fruitful, productive and fertile cervical fluid making.
  2. Having lots of fluid, means drinking 6-8 glasses of water everyday will increase amount of cervical mucus in female body.
  3. Carrot Juice increases the level of vitamin A in human body. Vitamin A is good super food for increasing productive cervical mucus.
  4. Alfalfa herbals will balance a level of estrogen, which has a great role in fertility of cervical mucus.
  5. Robitussin will control the creation of hostile discharge and helps in increasing the production of fertile mucus.
  6. Calcium and Vitamin C makes women cervical mucus more fertile or sperm friendly.
  7. N-Acetyl Cysteine and L-Arginine to add to the fertility and production of your mucus in time of ovulation.


Different types of cervical mucus stages helps women to notice best productive phase for pregnancy. Infertile Mucus, Possibly Fertile Mucus, Fertile Mucus, Highly Fertile Mucus and Post-Ovulation mucus are stages types used to examine quality of women cervical mucus. For women Ovulation type of stage is best to getting pregnant.